Tips on keeping your car stocked for anything from the best dealerships in NJ

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Everybody knows the famous Scout motto that states, “always be prepared.” This isn’t an easy task, as we all know that sometimes life takes us places we couldn’t have imagined, and being prepared is something that we don’t always think to do. However, there are a few things you can do to be prepared for the little adventures that life does take you on, like keeping your car stocked and full of things that you might need for future events.

Now, I am not talking about your excuses as to why your car is a mess. Leaving dirty clothes and cookie crumbs and empty water bottles on the floor of your car is not “being prepared” in any sense of the phrase. You should keep your car, which you bought at one of the top dealerships in NJ, as clean as you can. Not just for the nasty factor, but also as a means of being prepared. What if you give people a ride last minute, or need to find something? If your car is a mess, people might tend to think you are careless, or if you need to find something, you might not be able to, as what you are looking for might be hiding underneath all of the junk and clutter.

By keeping your car stocked and full of things, I mean carefully going through and keeping items in your car specifically for any future possibilities that may come your way. There are a variety of things that you may want to consider, as there is also a variety of things that may come up out of the blue. So, without further ado, here is a nearly specific list of a few things that you may want to consider keeping in your car that you bought from one of the best dealerships in NJ. Depending on your regular environment, you might find a few things unnecessary or possibly missing, so feel free to add your own variations of the items listed in the following.

1. Technical Car Things:

Okay, so this first section is really just a general coverage of standard things before we get to the good stuff. There are many things that should always be kept in your car, and most of these you probably learned when you got your car from one of the top dealerships in NJ, or not too long after. For example, car and driver information, such as your car insurance or a copy of your driver’s license. These are things usually kept in the glove box. Without these, in the case of an accident or any other event, you might find yourself in serious trouble.

Other things include handy tools that do their best to keep your car going in the case of a last-minute situation. For example, jumper cables are always a good idea to keep in your car, just in case your battery, or someone else’s, dies. A car jack, a cross wrench, and a spare tire are other highly valuable items that most would recommend that you keep on hand, just in the case of a flat tire. That way, you can change it, and your journey can continue.

2. Safety Things:

Now this might be your typical First Aid Kit Spiel, but it is important nonetheless. Keeping a first aid kit on hand in your vehicle is always a good idea, as sometimes the road that life takes us down might have a few bumps along the way. Whether or not you buy a pre-assembled first aid kit or put one together yourself, it will be worth it if a small emergency comes your way and you find yourself prepared, instead of the alternative.

If you do put together your own first aid kit, it should be relatively small, as well as neatly organized. It would also be a good idea to include more than just a couple of band-aids. It should also include anti-bacterial wipes, small packages of burn gels or paste, wrap-around bandages that you might use to wrap a sprained ankle, etc. You should also keep multiple bandages, of varying size, so that they are suitable for any wound.

The best place to keep this might be under the driver’s seat, or at least somewhere near it. If you are driving and you are alone when you end up in some sort of situation, you will want the first aid kit as near to you as possible.

3. Travel Things:

This one might seem self-explanatory, but there are many variations of things you might want to keep in your car for any travel that you do. This does not necessarily extend to road trips, as that is a whole other packing list, but in regards to the area you travel in regularly, keeping a map or two at hand might be beneficial in the long run. Relying on Apple maps can sometimes throw you a bit, especially if some locations don’t quite make it on to their radar. Phone chargers are also highly valuable to keep in your car. Having one up front near the driver’s seat would be the most convenient placement.

4. Self-Care Things:

When it comes to always being prepared, this includes being prepared for events or engagements, whether or not these are planned or last minute. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself in the need of things that relate to your personal hygiene, keeping a spare basic collection in your car can save your life.

Keeping a makeup bag that is different from your regular makeup bag in your car at all times will save you from having to run to the store last minute when you are out and about and you get a call for an invitation to go out. This will also be beneficial if you find yourself running late with no time to put on make-up before you leave your house. If you get to where you were headed and find yourself with a small amount of spare time, a makeup bag on-hand will be a big help. Keep it basic. You do not need an exact replica of your makeup collection, but just enough to get you through an emergency situation.

Other hygiene things include scented things, such as deodorant, perfume, and cologne. These are useful if you leave the house and forget to put some on, or after you have had a swim at the beach and find that whatever you had put on in the morning is no longer doing its job. A hairbrush and comb, as well as a few hairbands can be lifesavers, especially if you are expected to look presentable after driving with the windows down. Floss or breath mints can save your teeth and breath if you are expected to engage with people after a meal or just a long day.

Of course, everyone has things related to their hygiene that they prioritize, so you might want to make room for some things and not pay too much attention to others, or even add hygienic items of your own.

5. Last-Minute Occasion Things:

The main idea here is that you might find yourself spending the night somewhere last minute, like visiting family or other situations. Packing an overnight bag will prove to be very helpful in these moments. Again, it is always a good idea to keep it simple and light, and you definitely don’t need a replica of your closet in the trunk of your car. Keeping one or two pairs of clothes in a bag, as well as spare underclothes and an extra pair of socks and shoes will be just enough. You might also want to keep a spare bathing suit and towel among these things because you wouldn’t want to turn down an opportunity last minute because you don’t have the right apparel with you at all times.

6. Staving off Hunger

As human beings, we are all subject to random hunger, including during a drive in the car. By keeping light snacks with you that are non-perishable and shelf stable, you will be able to quench snacky feelings or tide over your hunger until you return home. This can prove to save you time and money in the long run, because you ay not have the resources to go out and get food whenever you do feel the pang of hunger. These items that you pack would be best kept in some sort of lunch bag, so that they can be kept together in one place instead of randomly in the glove department, under your seat, or other inconvenient location. Also, always keep water in your car as you literally need it to survive.

A bonus tip would be to keep coupons for restaurants or other foods that you do regularly enjoy. That way, if you do have the time or are experiencing a particularly ravenous crazing, you can, at the very least, save some change while you are at it. You can keep these in a folder in the pack pocket of your seat.

7. A Note on Organization…

Again, keeping all of these things thrown on the floor of your car is no way to be prepared. You didn’t buy your car at one of the top dealerships in New Jersey just to treat it with disrespect. It is important that you keep individual things separated and organized in the separate spaces within your car. You can simply keep things in bags or bins in your car. There are also organization items for cars that are specifically meant to keep things in your car neat and orderly. At the end of the day, you might find your life improve, if even just by a little bit, by feeling prepared for any situation when you are out and about traveling on the road that is life.

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