Road Trip Car Packing Tips from the Best Dealerships in NJ

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Pack it in, pack it out

So, you’ve planned a road trip in your car you just bought from one of the best dealerships in NJ, now how are you going to pack all your stuff into it? Going on vacation, leaving for a work-related trip, or just traveling anywhere can be stressful, to say the least. Moreover, why do we make it out to be stressful? We worry about forgetting things, not packing enough, over-packing, and so on. We don’t want to be the people showing up to a hotel with bags on bags on bags, yet we also don’t want to try the ‘minimalist’ approach and have the possibility of forgetting something. When it comes to packing for a road trip, you can have an even more difficult time because you have to pack things to keep you occupied (if you’re not the driver) in addition to all the clothes, personal items, and anything else you might need along the way. However, there are some ways to make packing for a road trip a little less of a hassle.

Overpacking can create more stress than you needed when, in hindsight, it seemed like a good idea at the time. You can lose track of items as time goes on if you bring a lot of baggage, and as you lose things, you’re going to want to replace them and end up spending money that you didn’t need to. You don’t want to end up overpacking the car you just got from one of the best dealerships in NJ.

Here are some tips on finding that happy medium, a balanced suitcase of everything you will need and most likely use while traveling.



When it comes to packing clothes, the most important thing to consider is the weather. If you’re traveling on a road trip, think about all the places you will be going, and what time of year it is, especially if you are going to be traveling through contrasting areas, such as the beach and the mountains. You will want to pack certain clothing items that are specific to a climate or area, such as hiking boots or a heavy jacket, while also including basic items such as t-shirts and socks.


Another important thing to consider when packing clothing is what you will be doing along the way or once you get to your destination. Will you be attending any special events? Are you road-tripping somewhere for a specific occasion? Keep this in mind so that you do not forget that nice dress or uniform you will need upon arrival.

To keep things in order, go through and plan your ‘suitcase wardrobe’ according to how many days you will be traveling and/or staying somewhere. From there, calculate how many outfits you will need. If possible, mix up outfits to re-use certain items, such as jeans or basic shirts, to keep your packing to a minimum. Don’t leave packing clothes until the last minute.


Keep in mind that comfort is key when it comes to sitting in a car all day. Pack the comfortable clothes for the times you know you will be on the actual road trip, and pack other outfits for the times you will be outside of the car and visiting places and people.




One of the most important things you won’t want to forget is food, of course! This can get tricky, especially if you are traveling long distances on a road trip. Additionally, you can get quite tired of eating certain foods if they are repetitive. Your best bet on a road trip to pack several kinds of foods that won’t go bad so quickly, such as chips, crackers, or carrots. These are foods you can eat by themselves, or pair with something else, like cheese, hummus, and so on. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are easy to make and buy ingredients for and don’t require much refrigeration. By buying a lot of these easy-access foods, you can save money on trying to buy full meals for a full car every time you stop. If you are planning on stopping for meals, try finding coupons for certain places before you leave to save some extra money!


Refrigeration of certain foods can be tough, but bringing along smaller coolers can often do the trick. While planning your trip, think about when you will need to make some stops and how long it will take to get to each destination. From there, decide when you should stock up on things, such as ice, dairy/meat items that require refrigeration, and water. Since ice melts, try to keep it in smaller bags and not overstuff coolers.


Always remember water, as it is easy to forget to hydrate on road trips when you are doing minimal amounts of exercise and sitting all day. To minimize waste, have everyone bring a reusable water bottle and fill those throughout the day whenever you stop or buy big gallons of water to fill up with. Gas station snacks, the salty or sugary impulse buys, will make you thirsty and you don’t want to be left without water before you leave.



Road tripping is fun, but also a hassle when it comes to keeping people entertained. As a driver, it may be hard for you to stay fully aware or awake when everyone around you in the car is asleep. So what kinds of things can you bring to keep everyone entertained?

A lot of people today will turn to giving children iPads or smartphones to keep them distracted. Nowadays, you can download just about anything, from books to episodes of TV shows to podcasts, the only problem is finding WiFi. If you can’t find something for everyone, try some games! Google is great in helping you find games you can play along with in the car, such as games where you have to point out license plates from different states or try to find every letter of the alphabet on road signs as you go along. Games like these can help keep everyone engaged and awake for the most part. Card games are also fun and easy to play, such as Go Fish or Uno, depending on how many people are in your car.


Nowadays, everyone has a camera on their smartphone, but the most memorable photos are those caught on film! Find some inexpensive disposable cameras, or bring along a nice digital one, to shoot some memories along the way.

For the creative people, you may want to bring some art supplies. You may see some great views along the way, why not draw or sketch them? Journaling is also a creative way to remember everything you saw on your journeys.



Music may be another key ingredient to a good road trip, especially for the driver who needs to stay awake and alert if they are driving for long periods of time. Nowadays, lugging around CDs is so old school because we have music streaming apps, such as Spotify and Apple Music. These apps are great tools for making playlists ahead of time and easy to download and play without WiFi. You can even download podcasts or audiobooks you find interesting to listen to while still on the go when the music gets boring.


Keeping it clean

So, you’ve got a car packed full of people, food, and luggage. The best way to keep this game of Tetris living harmoniously is to keep your car clean. A good way to keep this in check is to bring along small plastic/paper bags or a small car trash can (they’re usually compressible for easy storage). Every once in a while, when everyone is done eating something, have them throw any trash or remains into a designated bag. When you need to stop for gas or just a bathroom break, make sure to dump out all your trash and do a quick clean up, especially if you are traveling with young children who seem to make messes at any time. Keeping your car clean is just another factor in helping your road trip go smoothly.


Small forgettable items

On the road, the car can become a messy hub. Try designating an area, maybe near the front seats, to keep all phone chargers, laptop chargers, headphones, auxiliary chords, and more to minimize the possibility of losing something. These items can become expensive or cheap quality if you choose to buy a replacement on the road.

Hand wipes or hand sanitizer are other great items to bring along for the ride to keep everyone clean and germ-free, as you might be stopping here and there to visit places and gas station bathrooms.


Final Words

All in all, packing your car that you bought from one of the best dealerships in NJ for a long road trip can seem daunting at first, but if it is planned correctly to your needs, it can end up going more smoothly than you thought it could. Remember to pack what only what you need to keep your car organized and spacious for the people who will be sitting in it for hours before you get to where you need to be.



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