Start Your Car From Your Kitchen With Voice-Activated Alexa Integration: This Nissan Dealership in Bridgewater NJ has this Latest Tech!

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Welcome to the future. Seriously. Technology continues to expand at exponential speeds, changing the way we interact with the world. Communicate with your car from inside the comfort of your home? Yup. As technology continues to soar, companies are joining together to bring us incredible innovations. In this case, Amazon’s Voice-Activated Alexa and Nissan have come together to bring us cars that respond to spoken commands. With sedans, trucks and SUVs that can recognize voices and respond to vocalized requests, our relationship to our vehicles is changing in ways we can’t even as yet begin to fathom.

While this technology offers pretty light control of our cars at the moment, with intuitive communication between an individual and a vehicle, the potential is far reaching. It can lead to safer driving and a more intricate relationship with our modes of transportation. And in the mean time, it offers both convenience and fun. This technology is available right in your own backyard, at Bridgewater Nissan,  the Nissan dealership in Bridgewater, NJ.

What is Alexa Integration?

Ok, so maybe you’re totally confused, and don’t even know what Alexa is. That’s fair, because technology is developing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep abreast of every new development. So let’s catch you up! Alexa is a digital assistant developed and supplied by Amazon. Named for the ancient and spectacular library at Alexandria, Alexa can fulfill your spoken commands via a special sort of smart speaker (such as the Amazon Echo or the Sonos One). This smart speaker is activated by a specific trigger word—such as “Alexa,” “Amazon,” or “Computer,” followed by your request (as in, “Computer, turn up the volume”). All you have to do is speak your desire and it shall be fulfilled…within reason.

Ok, so Alexa can’t actually get up and make you a drink, but with the right “skill” (like Drink Boy) it can give you a recipe to make a great drink yourself.  A “skill” is the equivalent of an app on your smart phone.  You can download and set your Alexa up with a multitude of skills or capabilities. For instance, Alexa can fire up the next track on your speakers, adjust the lighting to suit your mood or even order a pizza while you sit on your couch—just by responding to the proper command spoken out loud by you. You can ask Alexa to make a list, add a doctor’s appointment to your calendar, or look up the definition of WOW (which is Wonder of Wonders, by the way).

And now, thanks to the partnership between Amazon and Nissan, you can even fire up your car from inside your home! From the table in your kitchen or the couch in your living room, you can lock (or unlock) the doors of your Nissan, flash the lights, or honk the horn—all without even stepping foot outside.

The feature is called Nissan Connect Services, and you can find it under the Connected Car category in the Amazon Skills Store. If Alexa sounds great to you, but you’re still confused on how it works and how to set it up—no worries! Your local Nissan dealership in Bridge water, NJ is happy to assist you in finding a Nissan model that will work with Alexa and get you all set up to use voice activation at home.

How Does It Work?

Ok, so what is the nitty gritty of getting Alexa to work with your car and from your home? First, you must have a smart speaker, such as the Echo, and a Nissan that is compatible with Alexa (see the list below). You can find compatible Nissan vehicles at the Nissan dealership in Bridgewater, NJ. Then, you will need to set up a Nissan Owners Portal account and link it with your Nissan vehicle. Once it’s connected, you can make a command to Alexa by saying something like, “Alexa, ask Nissan Connect services to start my Altima.”

Alexa will confirm your request and your car will rev right up, awaiting your arrival.

You can also customize the name of your vehicle via the command, thus making your experience with your car more personal and fun. For example, you can say, “Alexa, ask Nissan Connect services to flash the lights on The Tank” and your Nissan TitanXD will flash its’ lights! Fun!

Is it Safe?

You may be wondering if it’s entirely safe to connect your car to a speaker that anyone can command. That’s why the Nissan Connect requires that you enter a 4 digit pin in order to activate certain commands—such as starting the engine, or unlocking the doors—to ensure security. You can set up or change your pin at The team at Bridgewater Nissan, a Nissan dealership in Bridgwater, NJ is happy to help you set up a pin when you purchase your vehicle.

What Are the Exact Nissan Connect Functions, and How Can They Help Me?

With Nissan Connect, owners can use voice commands to take a variety of actions. And while specific actions will depend on the model of Nissan, here is a list of the basic functions offered:

  • Remote Lock and Unlock: Forgot to lock the car on your way into the house? Or maybe your hands are full with groceries?Well now there’s no need to make a trip back outside to lock the doors. Just ask Alexa: “Alexa, ask Nissan Connect to lock the doors of the Altima.” On the other hand, maybe you want to unlock the Pathfinder so your kids can wait for you out in the car. No need to go digging for the keys: just ask Alexa.
  • Honk the Horn: Maybe you actually want to get your kids attention so they hurry up and get in the car. Just ask Alexa to honk the horn on your Nissan Armada and it’ll put an extra pep in their step. (This trick also works for scaring neighbors and friends).
  • Flash the Lights:Is a friend looking for your house, but can’t find it, and you’re in the middle of taking the pie out of the oven? Ask Alexa to blink the lights on your Nissan Rogue to signal the way!
  • Start the Engine:Say good bye to getting into an icy cold car in the midst of a miserable winter morning. No longer do you need to yank on a jacket and boots and run out to the car 15 minutes before leaving the house, just to turn on the engine and warm it up—only to have to repeat the scenario 10 minutes later, when you’re ready to leave. Now, you can ask Alexa to turn on the engine of your Nissan Rogue Sport while you sit cozy at your kitchen counter with a hot cup of coffee in your hands. Then enjoy slipping into a pre-warmed vehicle and be on your way! It really is the small things that count J
  • Stop the Engine: The voice activated engine turn-off is also a great way to let your car cool down. You may or may not be aware that cars appreciate both warm up time and cool down time. However, it’s often beyond the patience of owners to hang around in their car after finally arriving home after a day of work, or errands, or whatever. Now, you can spoil your Nissan GT-R by giving it 5 minutes of cool down time—while you are already taking off your shoes and preparing a drink inside. Just ask Alexa to turn it off when the time is right.

OK, Nissan Connect Sounds Awesome! What Models Offer This Technology?

So you want to enjoy the fun of futuristic living along with the convenience of voice activation services?   Lucky for you, a good number of Nissans now come with the voice activation Nissan Connect service. Below is a complete list of the available models on the market:

Nissan Altima® (MY16, MY17, MY17.5, MY18)
Nissan Maxima® (MY16, MY17, MY18)
Nissan Murano® (MY17.5, MY18)
Nissan Pathfinder® (MY17, MY18)
Nissan Rogue® (MY16, MY17, MY18)
Nissan Rogue Sport™ (MY17, MY18)
Nissan Sentra® (MY16, MY17, MY18)
Nissan TITAN® (MY17, MY18)
Nissan TITAN® XD (MY16, MY17, MY18)
Nissan GT-R® (MY17, MY18)
Nissan Armada® (MY18)

Come down to the Nissan dealership in Bridgewater, NJ – Bridgewater Nissan – and you can check out some of these Alexa compatible models in person. For instance, you could test drive this stunning, new, AWD, red Nissan Rogue Sport (for sale at $28,555).Or perhaps you prefer the more subtle and sleek, green Nissan Rogue Sport, with an almond interior (for sale at $31,964).

If you what you need is a truck with more power, perhaps you’d like to check out the new 4WD 2018 Nissan Titan XD Pro-4x (for sale at $47,000).

We have a great selection of fabulous cars. Along with a gorgeous and capable new car, you will love the Alexa integration!

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